Tarrago New Helmet Cleaner and Deodorant

Tarrago Brands is a sports promoter. We are so keen on keep your sports equipment in excellent conditions. That is the reason why we have created these special products to take care of your helmets. Either if you are a cyclistor a motorist, a rugby player or hockey player, just focus on your passion and Tarrago will take care of the rest.

Give them an accurate finish after each use with the new Tarrago Helmet Cleaner and Deodorant. First one is a dry mousse for cleaning the interior of any kind of helmet. It removes the dirt leaving a fresh scent.

After cleaning, apply the Tarrago Helmet Deodorant to give it a durable fresh scent. You will have them ready for the next journey.

Jimmy Anderson descends Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park on a high performance training bicycle, Olympic National Park, WA USA June 5th 2010

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