Enjoying the colors of Autumn and Winter

Color mood boards for F/W 2018-19 are here. This must-see report features incoming autumn to winter palettes for the apparel, accessories, and footwear markets.

You will find unexpected shades reinvent the seasonal color story, these colors express our need for individuality, ingenuity and creativity.

In the following list you will get these «trendy» colors, and the equivalent to our products, so you can adventure to make color changes in your accessories.


Red Pear

What other shades do describe fall better than wine colors? Selected by Pantone, Red Pear is the perfect embodiment of the romantic fall days, and one of the best fall/ winter 2018-2019 color trends many a designer showed their fascination with.


You can find this color in the follow products:

Shoe Cream – 56 Morello Cherry.

Quick Color – 56 Morello Cherry.

Color Dye – 56 Morello Cherry.




Martini Olive

The trendy of this color is guaranteed: muted and quite versatile, this olive green shade comes as one of the most wearable fall/ winter 2018-2019 color trends, and we are pretty sure many high-end fashion brands will also embrace it for the forthcoming season. You can wear it alone or in combination with most of the colors on this list.

You can find this color in the follow products:

Sneakers Paint – 800 Camouflage Green.

Color Dye – 41 Otter.

Shoe Cream – 41 Otter.




Russet Orange

Russet Orange unexpectedly showed up in a lot of different runways as one of the top fall/ winter 2018-2019 color trends with a lot of styles to keep things interesting. For example, Moschino showed a few Russet Orange pieces, including a belted, leather, knee-length trench coat.


You can find this color in the follow products:

Shoe Cream – 103 Pale Orange.

Color Dye – 103 Orange Pale.

Sneakers paint – 455 Intense Orange.

Quick Color – 670 Orange de Luxe.



Crocus Petal

A softer, pastel-toned version of the violet, Crocus Petal is one of the most feminine fall/ winter 2018-2019 color trends that you can easily take from fall to summer. While it was selected by Pantone as a top fall color trend, surprisingly it didn’t win the designer admiration a lot, but instead iterations of this pastel lilac shade appeared a lot on the runways.


You can find this color in the follow products:

Shoe Cream – 55 Licac.

Color Dye – 55 Lilac.

Quick Color – 632 Lavande.

Sneakers Paint – 752 Pastel Violet.



As a softer yellow with a bit less brown to it, the color was lighter and softer than most expect a yellow to be. It was definitely fall’s answer to bright yellow of spring.


You can find this color in the follow products:

Shoe Cream – 114 Soft Yellow.

Color Dye – 114 Soft Yellow.

Quick Color – 616 Lemon Cream

Sneakers Paint – 114 Soft Yellow.







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