Do you know how to take care of your rubber boots?


Rain and snow have arrived! It is time to wear rubber boots: comfortable, waterproof, without laces, and practical. Rubber boots are resistant and off-road shoes, but this doesn’t mean that they do not require care to be in perfect conditions. We can’t forget that rubber is a natural product.

Tarrago proposes you to treat them with a product specially designed for their maintenance. Our `Rubber Boot Cleaner‘ has a formula enriched with avocado oil -with a great power of nutrition-, that manages to restore the original properties of the boot. This product helps to maintain the texture and avoids the hardening of the rubber. For more information: TARRAGO RUBBER BOOT CLEANER

Using the cleaner is very simple: clean the footwear with water, shake the sprayer and apply the product, rub the boots with a dry cloth, and let them dry. Ready!boots cleaner tarrago

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