Tarrago Sandal Cleaner


Good weather makes us uncover our feet with sandals. But we do not only wear sandals in heating days, you may wear a pair of them for a party night out or just a hike by the countryside. Sand and dirt may produce stains, and sweat may cause unpleasant bad odor. So this is why it is very important to take care of your sandals and clean them regularly.

Tarrago Brands International developed many years ago a specific product to clean sandals and remove the more resistant stains: the Tarrago Sandal Cleaner. Its soapy liquid formula, free of solvents, cleans deeply without damaging the texture neither altering the colors.

Suitable for smooth leather, suede, nubuck, fabric, textile, nubuck and even elastic bands. Remove the resting foam with the Tarrago Shoe Duster and give them an extra protection coat with the Tarrago Universal Protector.

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