The rain is the enemy number one of shoes. Today we are going to tell you how to protect your shoes without losing glamour.


No matter how creative you are, do not reinvent your looks with plastics bags!

In Tarrago we have one of the most famous waterproofers in the world, wherever rain is the daily bread. Nanoprotector can be applied to any type of material; Leather and synthetic leather. Protects from dirt and stains, and waterproofs thanks to Nanotechnology. And the most amazing thing is that materials maintain their original breathability.

Its application is very easy and simple, you just have to shake the container and spray.

Spay over and dry and clean surface, from a distance of 30 cms. And  let dry 10 minutes and

Nano protect per blog

voilà… Dry shoes, happy feet!


We are so excited to announce our First Workshop in the USA!

By the hand of our CEO Mr. Sergio Barangé and thanks to the partnership with Soletech, Inc. and Mr. Glenn DiMauro and Mr. Larry Schupbach (both awarded the Grand Silver Cup in the Shoe Service Institute of America’s international Silver Cup Contest), we will be hosting a seminar sharing best practices and personal tips for using SAPHIR and TARRAGO shoe care products. We will go into the details and properties of the most popular items with special focus on the most suitable products for Winter shoe care.

presentation_leather 3

We will be featuring our NEW products and specialty products for Winter with hands-on demonstration. We will also present our whole lines, so you will for sure discover many new products that will be available to you through your distributors.

This seminar will deepen your understanding of the details that make the difference between Tarrago & Saphir products and others. Our shoe care experts will share tips, secrets and curiosities of use of Tarrago& Saphir products so you can get the best result.

There will be also an open discussion period with information on how to become an authorized Saphir Medaille d’Or shop.

Learn about:
– the power of High Tech – the Nano Technology in Tarrago Products
– waterproofing best sellers
– discover the subtle differences and properties of Tarrago and Saphir Dubbins
– waterproofing and renewing treatments for Suede & Nubuck
– dyeing tips by Saphir: colors, methods and top practices
… and much more!

– Welcome: 12:30
– Training Session: 1:00 PM to 3:00PM with individual hands-on practice
– Discussion: 3:00PM to 4:30PM

– When: October 16th, 2016
– Where:
Holiday Inn Secaucus Meadowlands
300 Plaza Drive – Secaucus, NJ 07094 

-Cost: It is completely free to assist. We will also provide coffee and more, and do not worry about the parking fee, we take care.

-Mr. Sergio Barange, CEO at Tarrago Brands International
-Mr. Glenn DiMauro, Owner at The Italian Cobbler and Winner of the Grand Silver Cup by SSIA on
-Mr. Larry Schupbach, Owner at Village Shoe Service and Winner of the Grand Silver Cup by SSIA on 2003.

So important:

Please reply if you will attend by Monday October 10th at our Facebook event












Today’s post is about the launch of the NEW line The Tarrago Sneakers Care, the most complete range of products in the market designed to take care of sneakers.

So we present you the whole collection with the main special products to clean, care, repair, protect and customize your kicks. You will also find a selection of accessories that will help with the application.

The Tarrago Sneakers Care line is composed by:

 -Sneakers Cleaner to clean

Sneakers Rescue to repair the leather and protect it from scratches and rubbing

Sneakers Odor Killer to deodorize

Sneakers Protect to protect your kicks from external dirt and damage

Sneakers Expander to stretch your sneakers

Sneakers Sole Restorer will revert yellowing from your kicks

Sneakers Gloss Maker and Sneakers Matt Maker that will serve give the final touch after customizing your sneakers with our dyes

With more than 75 years of experience in the shoe care market, Tarrago Brands International is working every day to improve and expand the range of shoe care products. We thought sneaker heads want also to wear their most loved shoes as clean and perfect as a gentleman would. Is for that reason we decided to launch these new products specially designed to the take care of this trendy footwear.

Be aware because we will be launching novelties about this line very soon!



Good weather makes us uncover our feet with sandals. But we do not only wear sandals in heating days, you may wear a pair of them for a party night out or just a hike by the countryside. Sand and dirt may produce stains, and sweat may cause unpleasant bad odor. So this is why it is very important to take care of your sandals and clean them regularly.

Tarrago Brands International developed many years ago a specific product to clean sandals and remove the more resistant stains: the Tarrago Sandal Cleaner. Its soapy liquid formula, free of solvents, cleans deeply without damaging the texture neither altering the colors.

Suitable for smooth leather, suede, nubuck, fabric, textile, nubuck and even elastic bands. Remove the resting foam with the Tarrago Shoe Duster and give them an extra protection coat with the Tarrago Universal Protector.


White is synonym of pureness and neatness. Nothing impresses more than a flawless white shirt or a new pair of white trainers. All of us know that when garments are not perfectly white, do not shine as when they are new. It is a pity that most of white trainers turn to yellow or loose white intensity after very few uses.
Now you can avoid that! Now you can wear your trainers perfectly white at every use with Tarrago SUPER WHITE! Thanks to its high pigmentation formula, it recovers the sparkling white of your trainers like they were new.
Just shake the applicator before using and give a thin coat of Tarrago SUPER WHITE to your shoes. They will look white as ever!


The Tarrago Outdoor catalogue is finally available! As you may know, Tarrago Brands International is a worldwide leading company producing products to take care of high tech outdoor garments and footwear. All products are carerfully designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements of maintenance, cleanliness and care of the equipment for outdoor sports and activities. In this catalogue we have gathered the whole range including the latest novelties.

Immerse yourself on the colorful pages of these new catalogue and explore the wide offer. Either if you are a motorist or a horseman, a hiker or a runner, for sure you will find the most suitable product to take care and maintain of your equipment.


Probably you have in your wardrobe a red pair of shoes to wear on special occasions or just when you feel like to. Give a renewal look to your red shoes or bags with the Tarrago Self-Shine Cream Kit, now available in Red.

Enriched with Carnauba Wax, the queen of waxes to provide shining and waterproof, the Self- Shine Cream Kit is the perfect partner to give your shoes a quick shiny look.
It is suitable for smooth, natural or synthetic leather. The glass jar also includes a tiny sponge cap to make the application easier.
Self-Shine Cream Kit: The ready-to-go polisher!

Tarrago Brands does not give up on adding new products to expand and improve our range of shoe care, just to offer you the best solution to take care of your footwear.

On this occasion, we want to present you the latest brush we have incorporated to our accessories range: the Black Premium Brush.

Manufactured in black wood and labeled with the Tarrago logo, stamped on a black leather strip at the top of the handle. It is a special anatomical brush with natural goat bristles that allow an efficient cleaning of the external part of the shoe.

The Black Premium Brush is the perfect accessory to remove dirt and dust from your shoes, giving them the perfect finish.

    cutting edge cover

It’s very likely that you have had at some point an edition of the Cutting Edge magazine in your hands. With no doubt this is one of the main publications of the Shoe Repairer’s sector, which is published four times a year in the United Kingdom. But this is not only a magazine, it is also an organization which aim is to promote and support the shoe repair trade with the organization of annual events.

Last February, Tarrago Brands had the chance to receive Tony Driver’s visit, journalist and collaborator of the magazine. We invited him to spend a whole day in our factory premises and the main headquarters placed in Manresa. So he could know firsthand the production process of our products while having a more accurate view of the background, history and evolution of the company.

In this upcoming edition, Cutting Edge has dedicated an in-depth company profile report of two pages. Do not miss the chance to read it and catch up what’s next at Tarrago…

CUTTING EDGE March 2016 – Tarrago Brands Company Profile article

Tarrago Brands is a sports promoter. We are so keen on keep your sports equipment in excellent conditions. That is the reason why we have created these special products to take care of your helmets. Either if you are a cyclistor a motorist, a rugby player or hockey player, just focus on your passion and Tarrago will take care of the rest.

Give them an accurate finish after each use with the new Tarrago Helmet Cleaner and Deodorant. First one is a dry mousse for cleaning the interior of any kind of helmet. It removes the dirt leaving a fresh scent.

After cleaning, apply the Tarrago Helmet Deodorant to give it a durable fresh scent. You will have them ready for the next journey.

Jimmy Anderson descends Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park on a high performance training bicycle, Olympic National Park, WA USA June 5th 2010